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Eastville Property Management

Address 521 W 48th St New York, NY 10036
Phone Number (877) 760-8581
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EastVille Management is one of the leading owners, developers, operators, and managers of first-class real estate in the world, having managed a portfolio of assets since its inception of over 10 buildings, centrally located commercial spaces and more than 700 residential units in New York City.  We have achieved this position by recognizing opportunities where most others see only difficulties and then transforming these opportunities into assets of even greater value.

We see the client’s interests as a combination of these management practices:

  • Asset Management – The Financial health of the property.
  • Property Management – Staffing, maintaining and operating the building and its system
  • Relationship Management – The quality of life in the building and accommodation of the interests of diverse individual resident owners.

With thousands of tenants, EastVill views each tenant as a client and goes to extraordinary lengths to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.  Property management is committed to providing premium service in high-quality space so when a tenant has a choice of which building to call home, they’ll choose a EastVill building.

With a reputation as a best in-class operator, we realize that the creation of long-term relationships with our tenants’ ultimately leads to the creation of value in our buildings and our assets.

All of which may explain why the world’s most discriminating tenants tend to be our clients.