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Washington Heights

Washington Heights is on the high ridge in Upper Manhattan that rises steeply north of the narrow valley that carries 125th Street to the former ferry landing on the Hudson River. Though the neighborhood was once considered to run as far south as 125th Street, modern usage defines the neighborhood as running north from Harlem (Hamilton Heights) at 155th Street to Inwood, topping out just below Dyckman Street.

Historical Architecture

Washington Heights is named for Fort Washington, a fortification constructed at the highest point on Manhattan island by Continental Army troops during the American Revolutionary War, to defend the area from the British forces. During the Battle of Fort Washington, on November 16, 1776, the fort was captured by the British at great cost to the American forces; 130 soldiers were killed or wounded, and an additional 2,700 captured and held as prisoners, many of whom died on prison ships anchored in New York Harbor.

Washington Heights Buildings
  Building min max avg
282 Cabrini Boulevard $0 $2450 $595
652 West 163rd Street $0 $2295 $730
255 Cabrini Boulevard $0 $3000 $1500
600 West 178th Street $0 $2134 $895
555 West 156th Street $0 $1450 $388
562 West 174th Street $0 $1550 $788
709 West 176th Street $0 $2250 $412
20 Magaw Place $0 $2550 $390
270 Fort Washington Avenue $0 $3150 $1605
580 West 161st Street $1550 $1550 $1550