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Financial District

As we all know, this neighborhood has changed considerably in the last five years, let alone the last 30. Until 10 years ago, over 90% of the square footage in this area was office space. Today, we have many of housing options, from luxury high-rise rental buildings, Armani designed and decorated condominiums, and converted loft buildings. As neighborhood amenities, such as grocery store chains, restaurants, and bars, continue to pop up, and as the bonuses on Wall Street continue to climb, the housing will continue to increase in popularity with the cost of living.

Historical Architecture

Lower Manhattan's rich history should not be forgotten as we focus on its future. The first capital of the United States, the greatest port in the world for many decades, the entry point for millions of immigrants -- these are but a few of the area's claims to fame. Since the Europeans first discovered its immense protected harbor 400 years ago, the lower tip of Manhattan has held a unique position of importance in North America and the world at large. What's Next? The Freedom Tower, now scheduled to be completed around 2010. With the addition of 1.5 million square feet of office space being implanted at Ground Zero, this commercial space will undoubtedly alter the traffic in the area in every way possible. Predicting what will happen next in this neighborhood is useless unless we're talking about The Freedom Tower.

Financial District Buildings
  Building min max avg
Liberty Plaza $0 $9900 $2619
110 Greenwich Street $0 $4325 $1008
Deco Lofts $1850 $8665 $2961
45 Wall Street $0 $23525 $1141
Le Rivage $0 $9100 $2835
71 Broadway $0 $5450 $3218
Greenwich Club $1895 $4800 $2696
Post Towers $0 $5700 $1159
48-56 Beaver Street $0 $4900 $1599
41 John Street $0 $4350 $2162